Thoughtful Curation, Seamless Execution

You could boil the essence of our curation philosophy down to a single word: context. The space and the community in which that space resides dictates the type, scale and style of art of we place.

Take 2708 Larimer Street, Denver, CO for instance. Who better to create a mural for a man looking for his partner than Brooklyn-based street artist ELLE? Her fractured portrait combines wistful longing with poetic beauty that is as heartbreaking as it is stunning. Or take the Hyland Mather work at the Dairy Block alley: a painted utility box that reads “True Power.” It’s a playful nod to those paying attention and, of course, a witty play on words. To us, there’s nothing more like-minded then a beautiful marriage of art and place.

Gorgeous curation stands on the legs of expert project management. As artists ourselves, we understand how to help other artists rise to their best. For example, we’ve simultaneously coordinated dozens of artists from all over the world at all hours of the day and night across an entire city district for a mural festival. We’re ready for whatever you can throw at us.

When it comes to arts activation projects, LKMNDD is your one-stop shop. We transformed your average-Joe Finish Line with an eye-dazzling, immersive, in-store display for adidas complete with custom merch. For SRG, a nationally recognized brand-building firm in Boulder, we turned basic white Vans into wearable works of art. No two pairs or even two shoes for that matter looked alike. The result? An employee appreciation gift that brought tears to everyone’s eye.


Dairy Block Art Alley

2017: Partnership with McWhinney and NINE dot Art.



Colorado's largest street art and graffiti festival 2014 - 2017: Curation Committee


Snow Ball Music Festival

April 2014: Curation