A Decade of Experience + A State-of-the-Art Shop

What began as a way to fund being a Phishhead now encompasses a core element of LK MNDD’s work: fine art printing. For our limited-edition and giclée artist prints, we use only the finest rag papers and archival canvas. Looking for that larger-than-life something? We’ve got vinyl and wallpaper to transform that ho-hum wall, table or what-have-you into an enveloping, arresting arts experience. Our printing approach, like everything else we do, remains rooted in like-mindedness: when our artists and clients are happy, we’re happy, too. Our client list includes emerging to established artists, touring bands and outdoors companies. We create all the art prints for Icelantic Skis, Limited Edition print run for The London Police’s “Denver Days” and covered furniture in eye-dizzying Razzle Dazzle patterns for Adidas.